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Since barbecue doesn’t stop when the sun sets, be sure to illuminate your cooking area with nothing but the best grill light.

A grill light is a must-have accessory to keep you enjoying and partying through the night, but finding the best BBQ grill light can be difficult, so we’re here to help.

Our Choices for Best Outdoor Grill Lights

We chose Zeust, Cave Tools, and LED Concepts.

The LED Concepts unit comes with a heavy metal construction, which makes this unit one that is resistant to the heat coming off a grill.

As compared to the nylon fiber or zinc alloy construction of the other two units, the LED Concepts light can withstand higher temps.

However, Zeust and Cave Tools lights also claim to be heat- and water-resistant.

Cave Tools has bright bulbs in their unit. And the company is open to a full refund within the light’s lifetime.

They are also strong in terms of customer service.

Zeust’s strength is its efficient use of energy. However, some customers gave their 105-lumen unit a lower score for being not waterproof.

  • Mounting: Screw clamp
  • Batteries: 3 AA (included!)
  • Construction: Nylon glass fiber (base - zinc alloy)
  • Star Rating: 4.5/5
LED Concepts
  • Mounting: Magnetic base & screw clamp
  • Batteries: 3 AA
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Star Rating: 4.5/5
Cave Tools
  • Mounting: Screw clamp
  • Batteries: 3 AA
  • Construction: ABS plastic
  • Star Rating: 4.4/5

Reviews of the Best Grill Lights

One thing not to get too hung up on is the appearance and functions, but look at durability and energy consumption. Those are the more important factors of a good grill light.

Our featured products are not perfect, so make sure that what you pick will suit your needs though.

1. Zeust Barbecue Grill Light

The Zeust barbecue grill light uses minimal energy consumption. This light has a lumen of 105 - the brightest among the three reviewed.

Though the brightest, it's still the most energy-conserving.

It uses 3 AA batteries, which should last up to 18 hours. If you use the auto-function, it can last up to 32 hours more.

The Zeust grill light is made of nylon glass fiber (the base is zinc alloy).

Since it's not made of heavy metal, it's not going to be as heat resistant as the LED Concepts grill light, but Zeust states its light is heat-resistant up to 365°F. That’s still quite good.

A user actually had their light too close to the fire and it melted the light some; however, while the user stated it was ugly afterwards, it still actually worked - which is a big plus.

Instagrammer @bamagrillmaster recommends the Zeust grill light. "If you are looking for an Awesome Grill Light, then you need to check out the Guys @zeustlighting! Comes with a Cover, a Grilling Tips Book and even comes with its own little Screwdriver to change the batteries. And the On/Off button is activated just by touch. Very Cool product."(Pic by @bamagrillmaster)


  • Comes with an adjustable screw clamp
  • Brightness is good - provides good coverage
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee


  • The on and off button is quite sensitive - it might switch on while in storage
  • The battery compartment door difficult to open
  • Not waterproof - you need to take it inside when it rains

2. LED Concepts BBQ Grill Light

Among the good things in this unit, it is the flexibility of it that stands out the most.

Its base is strongly magnetic, plus it also comes with a screw clamp.

These two properties of this light make it easily attachable to any material. Want to attach it to the side of your grill? Just pop it on via its base.

If, however, you need to make it stand somewhere else and the material you need to put it on is not metal, then you can just use the screw clamp that comes with it.

Another thing that reinforces the flexibility factor of this product is its gooseneck. It can be flexed and turned around 360 degrees.

LED Concepts made this unit using aluminum, which makes it resistant to heat. If you are quite nervous with the possibility of burning your light while cooking, choosing a unit with metal construction may be the best choice for you.


  • The metal construction can take away grill masters’ worries about burning their light
  • Adjustability
  • This light can stand anywhere


  • Rusting can happen because of its metal material
  • Be careful with the battery compartment - could use an extra coating to prevent it from collecting water in rain
  • Some complained it wasn't very bright

3. Cave Tools BBQ Grill Light

If you intend to grill in your backyard at night, the Cave Tools might be the best outdoor grill light for you as it comes with bulbs that give 100+ lumens of light.

What could possibly make you choose this product is its lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

The company has so much trust in its product that they are able to offer such a guarantee.

That means you can ship the light back to the company at any time you are not satisfied with it for a full refund.

The Cave Tools light comes with a feature that allows users to choose one of three brightness levels. The company says that this light is the same brightness of lights used by security guards, firemen, and policemen.

It comes with an adjustable c-clamp that can fit any type of handle. It holds circular and rectangular bars with good stability.


  • Its brightness is this light’s best aspect
  • The lifetime guarantee is simply pro-customer
  • It comes with free BBQ recipes


  • It can’t be made to stand on metal-based objects
  • The unit is not waterproof
  • The material is not the sturdiest - it needs extra care handling

Things to Look for When Choosing a Grill Light

Here are 3 things to consider when choosing a grill light.

Mounting Capability

It is important that you consider the mounting and standing capacity. Grilling is an activity that can be done most anywhere and for that, you need a light that you can easily install wherever you grill.

When it rains outside, you may run inside to prep your food. But if your light is easily mountable, you will not have to worry about it tipping or falling while inside.

Battery Life

Power efficiency matters for many households who grill and party often. Grill lights are powered by batteries.

The difference is whether the light is using 2 batteries or 3 batteries. If it is using three batteries, it will stay lit longer than those using 2 batteries.

Your Lighting Environment

Sometimes, the house’s outdoor lighting is enough to light the grill and the food on it. But even with that kind of set-up, one still needs a backup once the lights die or in times of blackout and emergencies.

Having a grill light is definitely helpful. You need to determine how much light you may need for your space.

The Best Grill Light

For this round-up, the clear winner is LED Concepts' grill light.

Flexibility is the number one aspect for us. It matters that the grill light is convenient to use because it can be positioned in many ways and can be put conveniently anywhere around the grilling area.

The description for this unit says that it gives even illumination, but there’s no mention about its lumen level. However, from reviews, it is clear that there are no issues with regard to that.

The metal material is a plus for us too. With the metal body, we don’t have to worry as much about it melting easily.

It uses 3 AAA batteries too, which means it'll last longer between battery changes.


Which grill light have you found to be the best grill light for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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