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Grilling season is in full bloom. As you prep, you need to add a great pair of grill gloves to your tool set. So, which are the best grill gloves to add to your BBQ tools?

Having a great pair of heat resistant BBQ gloves in your repertoire makes BBQing much, much easier.

If you’ve done any outdoor cooking, whether grilling, smoking, or campfire cooking, you’ve undoubtedly burned yourself - even just from the heat radiating from the flames. 

Just last weekend, while grilling up some chicken, I almost sacrificed a leg-quarter when the heat radiating off the grill hit my hand. I was using (short) tongs - not recommended - to remove the chicken. I was talking and not paying attention.

Once I grabbed the chicken, I left my hand hovering over the grill. Once the sting of the heat hit my hand, my instinct was to snatch my hand away - almost slinging the chicken cross the yard.

Thankfully, I was able to keep grasp on the chicken (very important!).

But just buying a one of the best gloves for BBQ won’t protect your hands - you have to actually use them. See, I have a pair of heat resistant gloves, but didn’t put them on. What good did that do me?

Let’s take a look at a few of the best heat resistant gloves for BBQing. 

Our Choices for the Best Grill Gloves

There are many different options/types to choose from. You could do silicon, cloth, go epic and get welder gloves, or even DIY heat resistant gloves.

I’ll review a few different options here so you can choose which best fits your cooking needs.

If you’re doing light grilling, any of the lighter options could work. If you’re doing extensive campfire cooking, then you may want to go as serious as welder gloves to protect your hands and arms.

Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Grace Kitchenwares

Let’s start with a great pair of silicone BBQ gloves. Not only are these a great pair of BBQ grill gloves, but (at time of posting) when you purchase these, you also get a set of meat claws, a silicone baster, and a recipe book!

I actually own these myself. I’ve enjoyed them and found them to be decently heat resistant for light grilling and light smoking. (Note: I’ve not fully tested their heat capabilities.)

The extent of my use has been pulling out the rack on my upright smoker, holding meat in place while I insert a thermometer, or moving meat from the smoker to a pan when done.

I’ve never had a problem with the heat, but did not hang on to the grate or meat for long. I did feel the heat, but it was manageable.

Now, these are silicone = non-stick = can get slippery! If you get meat juices on them, you better hang on tightly! You’d hate to spend all day smoking a nice butt just to lose it through your fingertips at the end. What a bad day that would be.

The silicone can help with gripping too - as long as they’re dry.

These are super easy to clean. While wearing them, add soap and “wash your hands”. All done. Or, throw them on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Reading through consumer reviews, slipperiness seems to be the consistent complaint. Again, depends on what you want to use them for.

It was also noted multiple times they have great customer support. They appear to be very responsive in the reviews to comments of issues with the gloves and quick to refund or replace the gloves if dissatisfied.

2. Geekhom

Next up is another silicone glove, but these come with additional features.

The Geekhom gloves have a heat resistant cotton liner, which will improve the heat resistance from just a silicone glove, plus can make them easier to get off if your sweaty hand isn’t sticking to the inside of the glove.

These also have a sleeve that will protect your wrist and forearm from heat and splatters.

In the description, they say these gloves have a “non-slip design” stating that the textured surface provides a non-slip grip, but they’re like the Grace Kitchenwares above - silicone is slippery. But, with the textured surface, I’m sure it helps to some degree.

They also offer a 100% cash back guarantee.

One of the complaints I kept seeing was that the gloves run small; however, there were some saying they were too big. So, you’ll have to decide for yourself. You can return them if they don’t fit.

Next up, let’s jump into epic gloves - welder gloves.

3. Steiner Welding Gloves

Now, if you’re doing some serious outdoor cooking at high heat, then welder gloves may be an option. 

These aren’t your typical BBQ gloves, but can work to handle moving hot logs around on a campfire or moving very hot, heavy grates.

There are made from cowhide and have a cotton lining.

There were some complaints of the stitching coming out around the fingers, but those reviews were older and there are a lot of new very favorable reviews, so hopefully they fixed the stitching issue.

Cleaning could be an issue, if you’re handling food directly. If you’re using them for moving hot wood/coals around and hot grates, then I would recommend having other gloves to handle the food.

Since these are welder gloves and are very thick, they may take some getting used to as they will be stiff and not as flexible, but will keep your hands and arms protected.

Some even commented about using them while frying a turkey to keep the grease from splattering on their arms.

4. Grill Heat Aid

Now, the “extreme” heat resistant grill gloves. They are made from aramid fiber which is supposed to be great for heat resistance.

They claim these gloves are resistant up to 932F! That’s rated way higher than any of the other gloves mentioned here.

They are more flexible than the silicone gloves (and, of course, way more flexible than the welder gloves), providing better finger dexterity, grip, and use.

And with the rating up to 932F, they can handle hot wood, coals, grates, pans, and foods. (As always, use caution any time you’re handling extremely hot items.)

These have over 2,700 reviews and have maintained a high star rating!

Now, these are not water/wet/steam proof! Be very careful if handling liquids. There were also a number of reviews saying these don’t work so great with very hot cast iron.

And last, but definitely not least….

5. The Pit Glove

These are like a combination of all of the gloves listed above.

Longer glove to protect more of the forearm, but not as long as the welder gloves.

Waterproof like the silicone ones, but aren’t silicone. These have a neoprene coating. They also have are textured, which will help with being non-slip.

It has great reviews and comments about being able to use it for all kinds of BBQing needs. These don’t have as high a heat rating as the Grill Heat Aid gloves, but higher than the silicone gloves.

They’re also easy to clean. Like the silicone gloves, add soap, “wash your hands” and let air dry.

These may be the best of all the heat resistant gloves worlds.

6. DIY Gloves

Not on the list above is makeshift gloves - cotton “handsaver” gloves, with nitrile examination gloves over them. These are easy to slip on and off, keep your hands clean, remove easy, have great flexibility for grip, and easy to clean and/or throw away.

Plus, you can use this combination on multiple different uses - from cleaning the house, working on vehicles, gardening, etc.

These will have some heat resistance while handling hot foods, but will not be as heat resistant as some of the gloves above.

I’ve not tried using these myself, but my friend Rich uses this combination while smoking and really likes them. I first noticed this set up from Malcom Reed of (If you’re not familiar with Malcom, definitely check out his YouTube channel.)

PRO TIP: My friend, Rich, owned a pair of silicone gloves (not the brands above) and texted me about the pair he had previously:

I had silicon gloves that I loved until they got a little crack in finger I didn’t know about......until I picked up a hot grate.

Regardless of which heat resistant gloves you have or use, always use caution! Make sure there are no openings in your gloves before using and follow all manufacturer recommendations on use and care.

Best Grill Gloves?

I can’t tell you which one is the best grill gloves as that will depend on what your outdoor cooking needs are. Do you need an easy to clean, light pair of grilling gloves? Do you need to move hot logs around your smoker?


What has your experience been with grill gloves?

  • Do you have any of these gloves?
  • Do you like the ones you have?
  • Have you had issues with any of these? 

Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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